The Mommy Hook

I have a confession to make: I prefer to stay at home rather than deal with the hassle of going places with my two kids, even when they are perfectly behaved. Shopping is especially cringe worthy because of how much space we take up (I know, I only have two and they are still small, but this is just how things are for me!). We fill the cart or the stroller, and I am always stacking and shoving items to make them fit, especially at cart free places like a mall or the farmer's market. And please don't ask me how many times I have lost items I shouldn't be losing. Fortunately they usually turn up, but it is still a problem.

Long story short (Already messed that up, but I could have gone on a bit more!), The Mommy Hook would be just what I need. This no-slip hook attaches to a stroller or cart and allows you to hang your personal bag + any purchases without having to worry about anything slipping off or getting squished. Now I just need a no-slip hook to keep my two year old wanderer attached . . .

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