Baby Shower By Mail...

I LOVE this idea from Martha Stewart:

"But what if the mom-to-be doesn't live nearby? You can still celebrate by instilling the spirit of a shower into a thoughtful care package -- a shower in a box. If you like, invite other would-be shower guests to participate and add a theme to the box. With all the supplies on hand -- colorful tissue paper, gift tags, and so on -- have a wrapping party. When the presents arrive (it's best if it's a surprise), the mom-to-be can open each present and savor the affection with which the collection was assembled."

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Shepherd Family ACAL said...

When I had my first I lived far from my family, they did this, they threw a wrapping shower, they showed the gifts they bought and wrapped them then packed them and shipped them, I was so excited to still have presents from my family, and it was fun to be able to unwrap them too.