Another Variation to the Diaper Cake...

Easy and just as cute here's how to make this fun gift...

Materials Needed:
5 or 6 Receiving Blankets
5 or 6 Burp Cloths or Cloth Diapers
5 0r 6 Wash Cloths
Doll or Some kind of topper
rubber bands
ribbon of your choice
sewing pins

1. Fold receiving blankets to desired size and roll 3 individually.
2. Couple the individually rolled and put a rubber band around them and use as an inside base.
3. Roll the other blankets over the 3 individually wrapped. Put a rubber band over it for security.
4. Repeat these same steps for the burp cloths and use the washcloths for the inside base. Use the remainder of washcloths to decorate the out side of the cake. --Be creative.
5. Put a thin rubber band over the top and to the bottom of the "cake" for extra security.
6. Pin the topper on with sewing pins.
7. Tie ribbon around each layer so the rubber bands don't show.
8. Put some accessories along the ribbon if you desire, i put some bows around it.
9. Wrap with cellophane.

Your Done!

Added thought: I personally don't like to use cards... i'm always at a loss for words excepct for congratulations or good luck... So i use Tags... they work great and get to the point: to you from me. Works with any gift, looks great and you don't have to worry about writing anything outstanding! You can get them at office supply stores.

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