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I don't know about any of you, but for me, finding a good swimsuit is hard to do. It needs to cover enough, but still be stylish and comfortable. I have found a company worth telling about, and they sell much more than swimsuits! Modbe Clothing. I was invited to a Modbe Party about a month ago and feel in love with their swimsuits! They were exactly what i was looking for stylish, modest, and comfortable, so i have to share! And although there were some shipping issues with my order, when i talked to someone, their customer service proved to be outstanding. (Thank You Megan!) I ended up buying FOUR swimsuits! And i LOVE them all! Pick yours here... Among my favorites are:

Burgundy Floral Ruffle Wrap $48.00

Deep Surf Bandeau $48.00

Blue Paisley Halter $48.00

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Stephanie said...

Four swimsuits! Well now you'll really have options! :)

Thanks for sharing your "find."

Mortensen Family said...

I have loved ModBe stuff for a couple of years now. My fav are the long T's you can put under anything. Booty crack is not attractive ;)

Holly - tutus & turtles said...

Good point!