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I love these shoes...really, really LOVE these shoes. Not only do they satisfy my sense of style but they give my daughter the support and comfort that her little growing feet need. When we opened the box and Tatumn saw what was inside she squealed in delight and insisted on putting them on right away {isn't it funny how little girls get shoe fetishes at such an early age?}. We have the Olivia sandal in brown - I love the modern "bubbles" and the mix of colors used. She played in them all day and I am pleased to report that they didn't leave any marks or blisters.

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You will definitely not see a hodge-podge of designs + animals on these shoes - they are simple, yet modern looking. The leather is so soft and the insole is triple padded. The ankle has so much support with a padded collar so I know that they are great shoes for my little one to be cruising around in. Velcro straps make for custom sizing and easy on and off for parents and tots, because some adventures just can't wait! Select styles also feature metal rings on straps for reinforced strength and worry-free enjoyment.

Helen Cheng, owner and designer of kuuru shoes, has offered all tutus and turtles readers 25% off on all styles with the code "tutus25." I highly recommend these shoes and if you have any questions please leave me a comment below... Happy Shopping and thanks kuuru shoes!

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE the red ones!
vanessa from www.inevergrewup.net

Anonymous said...

These shoes are great. My nephews wear them and love them.