The Island of the Skog

What is it with our constant need to scare ourselves, at least a teeny bit? My kids have this fascination with monsters and "skeleskins," but a little goes a long way, and I do not like dealing with monsters hiding under the bed in the wee hours of the night!

Steven Kellogg's The Island of the Skog has brought just the right amount of nervous anticipation into our lives. Adventurous mice land on an island occupied by a mysterious Skog, and jump to the conclusion that is must be unfriendly and scary. This assumption makes for an adventure and a good lesson in why we shouldn't be too quick to judge a situation.

*When my son requested this book yet again at our last library visit I knew it needed to become a permanent addition to our home. I love Steven Kellogg's illustrations, so there are no complaints from me!

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