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A new and great idea launched in February 2008, Forms4Parents.com addresses the need to provide security for children and peace of mind for parents and guardians alike when traveling.

According to the 2006 Statistics for the Travel & Tourism Industry, 43% of weekend trips are taken by couples without their children. In addition, children are now more likely to travel with family members other than their parents:
  • 20% of grandparents have been on a trip with their grandchildren in the past year and,
  • 15% of singles have been on a vacation with their nieces, nephews or other young relatives in the past year

So how do you ensure that your children remain safe and protected while traveling without you? Forms4Parents.com is a website that allows parents to customize forms to their unique family situation and provide travel consents, temporary custodial authority and medical authorizations, with important medical information about your child along with emergency contacts and insurance information. This is all clarified in a comprehensive legal consent form designed for your family. The forms are prepared online and downloaded in a matter of minutes!

Forms are separated individually by category and may be purchased individually or as packages such as Traveling Parents; Traveling with Relatives; Babysitter or Relatives Caring for Baby, Toddler or Children; Traveling Children & Teenagers (Domestic & International Travel); and Americans Living Abroad. Individual forms are priced at $16.95 and packages are $34.95.

And especially for you...

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