DIY Sandbox.

A genius and very creative friend turned me on to this creation... No itty bitty sand grains, no sand in clothes, shoes or hair, no sand mess! But just as fun!!!

DIY - what to buy:
1. large tupperware box
2. 10 bags of dried split peas
3. shovels, buckets, water bottles, etc.

Added bonus: Quick and easy clean-up... put the lid on the box and store it for next time!

thanks brit p!

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sabahnur said...

haha. it's really cleaver idea:)but i think i cant find dried split peas ..

sweet80pea said...

If you can't find the dried split peas, any dried bean would do, right?

Lesha said...

I think that is The. Best. use for split Peas...EVAR!

So cool. I think I'm going to set this up this weekend. Plus I'm thinking it's no big deal if my LO ends up with handfuls of this "sand" in his mouth.

Kendra Meyers said...

Thanks for the idea, how fun!

Holly - tutus & turtles said...

I am sure any bean would work, but split peas wouldn't roll around as much as some and shouldn't be a choking hazard.

I have found them in the bulk section of health food stores. You might be able to get them to weigh your sandbox container first to subtract that weight, then fill it up at the store and be ready to go!

KJ said...

wal-mart has them near the rice and beans, down low usually since they are in bags. You can probably find them at the grocery store, too. I made the same box for my little guy back in March, when I thought Spring was coming. Wrong. It's only been the last few weeks he's been able to play in it.

Holly - tutus & turtles said...

Thanks for sharing!

The weather has been so funny this year, hasn't it?

Elisa D. said...

My kids are dying for a sandbox but I don't want to deal with one. This is perfect!