Bamboo Fishing Poles

Our house backs up to a pond, so my son has developed quite an interest in fishing. It doesn't stop there though. He likes to fish in the neighbor's pool, over the edge of our deck above the grass, and just about anywhere else he might spot a rogue fish (!).

If you have an aspiring fisherman, check out these instructions for making a hook-free bamboo fishing pole for the kiddos to play around with indoors or out. Why not give the little guys a head start on their tales of the fish that was "this big!"

Wondering what to do with the bamboo poles if (when) the kiddos lose interest?

Plan a fabulous party for you, or a fishing-themed party for them...

Paper fish or the likes hanging from the poles would make for darling birthday party decor (and fun activities), but I am leaning toward the adult-friendly get together!
images via martha stewart

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