Mother's Day Giveaway Winners

Thanks for your patience! For those that didn't win, check our "Generous Vendors" sidebar for some great discounts from some of the companies who participated last week!

The giveaway winners are as follows:

3 Taia Hair Clips of their choice:
The Croshaw's, who wrote: In love with the Jester 07! Hope I...I mean my girls...win!
Sadies So Simple
, who wrote: I have been dying to get my daughter some really cute clippies but our budget just hasn't allowed.. I'm entirely in love w/ bambie03 & 08, flora 03 & 06, All of the Jester clips!
Mortensen Family/Allison M
., who wrote: These clips are so simple, yet *incredibly* striking. My little girl has golden blonde hair so the brighter the better. I love the enchanted 03 and hoot 06.

Aveeno Anti-Aging Moisturizer Set:

stacey, who wrote: I use moisturizer with SPF in it everyday. I have fair skin so I need that. I haven't tried Aveeno's anti-aging line, but I've heard great things about it! I had my first baby 6 months ago and it has definitely taken a toll on me. lol

promom couture tee winners:
Katherine, who wrote: wow, 5 tees, that is amazing! and so freakin generous! my fav is the happy mom wife life dark ash tee. pretty sure, even with my growing belly, i would look pretty good in it!!
Johnny and Angela, who wrote: Happy Mom Happy Life Dark Ash Tee --- perfect illustration
, who wrote: I like the couture mom tee. Very cute!
who wrote: i love the black couture mom tee.
kJewell, who wrote: Oh I am a Happy Mom, and livin a' Happy Life. Need the T!

Sweet Ruby winner:
Brooke, who wrote: I would love the brown and blue and I am getting a new little boy within the week!

Lucky Ducky Designs Apron Set Winner:
Melissa T., who wrote: So cute. I love the Let's play house fabric.

dragonflies & ladybugs giftcard winner:
Olivia Carter, who wrote: I would get matchy aprons- my daughter is 2 years old & has just started wanting to cook with me. She'd love it!

Scentsy warmer and bar winner:
Amber, who wrote: I love Scentsy! I think I would get a Sugar Cookie refill!

jenw who wrote: i love the fact that these cards are flat, it is SO my style as well! i love anything with dots, the poppies might be my absolute favorite! so wonderful.

JNM, who wrote: What an awesome company!!! My favorite is the little boy jogger in khaki and the pacifier print onesie in khaki as well. Besides the cute style--LOVE how they are organic!!! Thanks!

SuperMom Winner:
nor_lou, who wrote: eyes in the back of her head.


All winners, please contact us at tutusandturtles {at}gmail{dot}com with your address and any applicable choices. Thank-you!

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