Ever wonder how your kids go through $30 a week for cafeteria lunches? Are you wondering what they are eating for lunch? Well wonder no further. MealpayPlus does the work and you get all the benefits. MealpayPlus is a fantastic program that lets you manage your child's lunch money and their purchases from the convience of your own home. You don't have to send checks to school in hopes that your first grader remembers to put it in the "Lunch Money" envelope.

With MealpayPlus you make payments online, then when the account gets low you receive an email reminder. What mom doesn't want that? My favorite part is that you can see what your kids are eating a school. MealpayPlus keeps a history of all the things your child has purchased and then you can see what exactly they are eating.
The best part about it, it is FREE! If your school district is using this program, you get to use it for free. Isn't that awesome?

If your school district isn't on the list, don't worry. Just click here to select your state and then send an email to MealpayPlus sales department. They'll take it from there.

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