Kelly MacDonald Photography

I have discovered that I am attracted to children's photographers with images in their portfolio that remind me of my children. This has nothing to do with my children, and more to do with the realization that this photographer can capture a child's real essence, and not just a perfect smile or classic pose.

Located in Ontario, Canada, Kelly MacDonald uses only natural light and aims to capture children in their own element. A mother of two boys, she is adept at capturing the real and genuine emotions of a child.

With 12 years experience in the design industry, Kelly not only has a good eye for photography, but also for showcasing the images she takes. She offers a variety of options for displaying your photographs beyond the typical frame, and has many new ideas in the works.

For more information, view Kelly's website, email info{at}kellymacdonaldphoto.com, or call 519.533.5352.

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