Freckle Box

My son loves finding his name, or letters of his name anywhere he can. He is constantly pointing out his individual letter finds, and few things thrill him more than finding his name in it's entirety. When I was introduced to Frecklebox, a company that specializes in personalized gifts for kids, I knew we had found something perfect for us. Now that we own our own Nature Namebooks, I think I may have discovered one of my favorite kiddo items ever.

A simple storyline walks your child through an outdoor adventure, where creatures and objects are asked to spell your child's name and they all magically comply! My son was so enthralled with the story that he clenched his eyes shut between pages, just like the book said he did!

Because my son's book was printed with his full name rather than the shortened version he goes by, it has been a lot of fun to help him sound out and recognize the extra letters. This book is a name recognition and spelling tool, and I am excited for my daughter to recognize her name through her book without feeling any pressure. Because personalized items are just plain fun and this one is particularly special, I will be holding onto our copies for both kids to cherish for a long time.
Frecklebox offers books for older children that are reading on their own too. In The Zoo Book, a child reads their own zoo adventure while trying to find their name camouflaged into the pages, and Hip Hop Howie takes kids on a rhyming ride. They also offer personalized posters and other items well suited for a unique gift any child would love.

Be sure to view the inside of a Nature Book here, it is fantastic!

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Heidi said...

I love checking in on your blog daily...I always find something I like or need. I just ordered one of the zoo books for my sons bday next week! I think he will love it as he is learning to read and who wouldn't love seeing their name written all over throughout the book! Thanks for the good idea!

Holly - tutus & turtles said...

Thanks Heidi. Your comment means a lot! You will love the book, they are really neat.