Working with your wardrobe can be hard when you are in the having kids stage. I probably could have bought 15 separate sizes during and after pregnancy, and each size group would have only lasted so long. The BellaBand was created to help Moms with all the transition times experienced during and after pregnancy. A tube top-like band is worn around your waist, holding up pants that are too loose, and covering up the unbuttoned pants that are too tight. They are great at extending the length of your shirts too! Go here to find a store that carries BellaBand.

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Kendra Meyers said...

Got one of these when I was pregnant and LOVED it! It allowed me to wear non-maternity clothes for much longer.

natalie said...

I have got one of these in black during my first pregnancy and loved it. Now during my 2nd pregnancy I also got it in white.