Taro Gomi

I just picked up three of Taro Gomi's Really Giant Coloring Books (Scribbles, Squiggles, and Doodles - ages 3-99) at my local Costco for $12.50 each, and I am so excited!

Before you question the price you need to check them out. They are so much more than a coloring book. They inspire creativity and imagination with playful scenarios and fun-to-follow instructions to get you started on over 300 pages of creative thinking. It is just the kind of thing to get you coloring with your child and to get your child thinking outside of the coloring box.

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Ben's Mom said...

That is a SMOKIN deal. I paid $19 for mine at Gepettos and thought it was totally cool! Except for the one page near the back that says draw a dead person. I went ahead and pulled that one right out. But my 4 y,o, son loves this book.