The Plush Pad by AhGoo Baby

I am so impressed with AhGoo Baby's Plush Pad. More than just a pad, the Plush Pad portable changing station is the perfect solution to diaper changing when you're on the go. It is the only portable changing station out there that has memory foam, which conforms to your little one's curves to relieve pressure points. {Think of how much more comfortable changing time will be for your baby!} It folds up small enough to throw in the diaper bag, so you can take it anywhere and everywhere. Plus you can take off the cover and throw it in the washing machine.
There are so many ways use the Plush Pad. For example, I don't always take my daughter all the way to her room every single time she needs her diaper changed. I'll usually change her on a blanket in our living room, or whatever room we happen to be in. The Plush Pad is perfect for a second changing station in the room we spend the most time in. We went to a restaurant a few weeks ago and I had to change the baby's diaper. The only place to change her in the women's bathroom was a marble counter. Not even a disposable pad to lay her on. It would have been nice to have the Plush Pad there not only for the comfort of my daughter, but for my own peace of mind.

I think the Plush Pad is just fabulous, and I think you will too. AhGoo Baby is offering tutus & turtles readers 15% off of your order from today until May 7th with coupon code "tutus15." Go here to pick one up and let us know how it enhances your on the go changing experience!

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Anonymous said...

We lovvvve our Ah goo baby! It has been a miracle for our son. He is always comfortable and safe from dirt and germs on it. I have even found it useful when I have left our high chair cover at home. It is so soft, easy to wash, and comfortable for him!

Holly - tutus & turtles said...

Thanks for sharing!