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Zebi Baby Organic "Ponder" T-Shirt

Browsing through Kitsel inspired me to put together a few key "Summer items" for my little one.. I really like their "story" and love the items they carry.

Kitsel started when they were looking to give their child style, taste and a sense of humor in a somewhat bland baby world. Their collections have a chic, whimsical feel and combine a parent’s sense of style with a baby or toddlers desire for fun.

I especially *love* the Zebi Baby Organic "Ponder" T-Shirt since I have a thing for owls. These t-shirts merge modern and vintage designs with high quality, sustainable materials - they are very unique and Kitsel has a lot of cute ones to choose from. I like this one too!

Pink Wave Slip On Sweet Shoes

Sweet Shoes "Pink Slip-On Waves"

And I really love these adorable shoes!
Sweet Shoes are a high quality shoe that is developmentally appropriate for your child's growing foot - especially great for Tatumn since she just recently started to walk.. There is a foam layer in the sole for added comfort and support - so you know they will be extra comfy for your "sweet" girl. These are great for the Spring and Summer months.

There are so many other awesome items I can go on and on about but you should really browse through and see for yourself! I would love to hear some of your ideas... let me know what you find and *love* yourself!

Next time I will have to put together and outfit for Jaden {starting with this cool t-shirt!}.

Tutus and Turtles deal: 10% off with the code "tutu"

Happy Shopping!

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NYnugget said...

like you, I love love love the owls and love that the t's are organic

LipSmack said...

the design of the owl is adorable...we'll be buying

Jen said...

I just want everyone to know that I just received Tatumns ponder tshirt in the mail - and it is even cooler in person :) soooo cute! i LOVE it.