Luca Bleu Boutique

I am seriously impressed with the quality, selection and variety of Luca Bleu. From kids clothes & accessories to nursery decor to essentials for mom, this boutique has it all. The selection is unique, which is so appealing to me. I love boutiques for this very reason--it is always nice to have a couple of things for your kids that no one else has.

I have my eye on this elephant coat and this messenger bag. I also love the Pee-Pee Teepees! My little girl has her share of accidents when having her diaper changed, and I can only imagine how it is for little boys! I think they are so cute, and if you don't have a boy, they would make for a fun shower gift.

Luca Bleu is offering tutus & turtles readers 15% off of your entire purchase! Enter the promo code "TURTLE15" at check out. And, for all orders over $99, Luca Bleu offers free shipping all the time. Go check it out!

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Heidi said...

Those Pee Pee Tee Pees are hilarious!! I think they are a must though for baby boys...I got sprayed many a times changing my two boys!