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Let's be honest for a moment. We usually don't spend the time on ourselves that we deserve. Which is why I am finding that giving gifts that pamper a Mom or Mom-to-be are always a hit because it gives us what we really want and need but rarely give ourselves. Taking the time to find these simple and needed items doesn't always fit into my schedule, so I am thrilled to have been introduced to a fabulous company, Love & Blessings, that was founded with these thoughts in mind:

Love & Blessings was born out of a desire to share with other new moms what its founder, Victoria Loveland-Coen came to understand shortly after giving birth to twins – new mamas need lots of support! More specifically, that an informed, relaxed and cared for mother is a better mother who is more likely to create a strong, loving bond with her baby, thus giving the child a significant head start in life.

Finding useful and enjoyable gifts for Moms can be hard. Most people have their own style, and in the case of someone who already has kids, they might already have everything you would pick out for them. At a recent baby "sprinkle," most people wanted to go in on an extra nice gift for the Mommy-to-be, and Love & Blessings is the perfect place to go for beautiful gift baskets put together with taking care of Mom in mind.

You can customize your own basket with any of the products offered by Love & Blessing, or you can choose from one that has already been carefully put together with all sorts of organic and natural products. One of the fabulous gift baskets Love & Blessings provides is The New Mama Nurture Basket which includes so many things meant to increase a new Mom's comfort:

  • Earth Mama Angel Baby Postpartum Recovery Tea. 100% organic Astringent herbs help tone the uterus while others nourish, calm and balance brand new mamas
  • Earth Mama Angel Baby Bath Herbs. This soothing, comforting blend includes salts, oatmeal and organic herbs that have historically been used to support postpartum women.
  • Earth Mama Angel Baby “Happy Mama” Spray. 4 oz of gloriously uplifting aromatherapy spray, made only with pure essential oils and flower essences.
  • Luxurious Satin Herb-filled Neck Pillow. Just warm for one minute in the microwave and wrap aromatic luxury around the neck to relax strained muscles and increase milk flow.
  • Herbal Eye Pillow. Matching luxurious satin filled with lavender to soothe tired eyes.
  • The Baby Bonding Audiobook on CD. Set to original music, this CD includes a healing, guided relaxation meditation mom can do while baby is napping.
  • The New Mommy Coupon Book. Humorous and helpful, these 28 coupons she redeems from you will put a smile on her face even if she doesn’t redeem them.
  • Beautiful lavender scented votive candle will set the mood while she soaks in her organic herb bath.
  • All delightfully wrapped up in a natural willow baby bassinet basket she can use later to hold diapers and other baby essentials.

Some of my favorites from include The Baby Bonding Book, available as a book or an audio CD for convenience. This is great for any new Mom who wants to strengthen the bond she has with her new baby. I am actually using one of the ideas with my kids this week!

This Herbal Satin Neck Pillow is probably one of the most fantastically addictive (in a good way!) and relaxing items. It takes neck pillows to an entirely different level with its satiny feel and lavender scent. I had someone call me this morning, desperate for their own pillow and wanting to know where I got it from!

This New Mommy Coupon book is a must for any Mom. I recently gave one of these books to a friend who is expecting her third child, and was so pleased with a simple way to show her that I really care and to emphasize that I am there if she needs me. With coupons ranging from basic baby help to girl's nights out to babysitting it really covers everything any new or not-so-new Mom could want.

This is the coupon book that I will be not-so-subtly hinting at my husband to get for Mother's Day. Even though my kids are still little I want them to make service and helping out a part of their lives, and this is such a simple and fun way to do it. It also means that I will get something useful and wanted for Mother's Day!

Love & Blessings is not only a great resource for gifts for Mom and Baby, it also has links to articles and other informational resources for Moms.

And lucky us, tutus & turtles readers can get free shipping on your order through May 31st with code "TUTUS"

Even if you aren't giving a gift in the near future, I highly recommend a neck or eye pillow and possibly a coupon book for yourself! I think I am going to be loading up on coupon books to keep on hand for all of my Mommy friends.

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