Greeting Cards For Multiples

As a mother of twin boys, Angelice Tyson had a hard time finding greeting cards to send to friends and family from her children. She decided to remedy that problem and founded Gemini Greetings. Now it is much easier for parents of multiples to find cards to send out from their little ones. What a fabulous idea, with the growing number of multiples being born in the United States!

Gemini Greetings opened this past January with Valentine's cards, and will be offering Mother's Day and Father's Day beginning this month. They also offer birthday and thank you cards, which can be sent to or from your twins, triplets, or quadruplets. For more information and card samples, visit their website.

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McGiven Family.... said...

I have twin boys and really appreciate this! Thanks for the info!

Holly - tutus & turtles said...

You're welcome!