Easter Eggs

Easter is right around the corner (this Sunday!) Are you ready to go with all your treats? Do you have baskets and all the goods to go inside? Have you already dyed your eggs? Here are some fun ideas for egg dyeing. Go have fun with your kids!!

This kit is much more than just dye...have your kids decorate their eggs with ribbon, cotton, and more.

Adhere common supplies such as tape, stickers, or even little leaves to eggs; when you dye the eggs and remove the "masks," the designs stand out. More info here.

Go with a more funky, marblized look when you dye your eggs this year. Here are the instructions.

And of course, make sure to bring out the crayons so your kids can make their own designs on their eggs. More ideas on dyeing eggs with wax can be found here.

Have fun!!

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