Celebrating St. Patrick's Day

Dress for St. Paddy's festivities with this cute petal dress.

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day with these great ideas via Tot Trends Weekly:

The night before...
With your kids prepare a plate of raw mushrooms and leave it out for the leprechaun's (then once they are asleep, leave gold-foiled covered chocolate coins behind on the plate as a token of thanks for the kids)

Put the kids to bed and...
Switch their sock drawer with their shirt drawer
Turn some of the furniture upside down and rearrange the rest
Fill everyone's shoes with green confetti

The Day of:
Wear green on St. Patrick's Day
Make green eggs or pancakes for breakfast (use food coloring)
Serve with green milk (food coloring again)
Paint their fingers and toe nails green
Decorate the house in green - Use green balloons, crepe paper, shamrocks and confetti
Make shamrock shaped sugar cookies - frost with green icing and green sugar sprinkles
Serve food using green paper plates, cups and napkins
dress and article via tot trends weekly

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