Super Mom - The Action Figure

I think I have finally found the perfect Mommy gift: The Super Mom Action Figure. Super Mom adapts to any situation and mood (you can change her head, shoes, etc.!), always getting the job done and the baby fed.

Just thinking about Super Mom makes my day seem a little funnier; She would fit in perfectly on my desk or in my kitchen and help me to keep a humorous perspective about this crazy thing we call Motherhood.

Find Super Mom here, or check this list to find a retailer. Be sure to check out Super Mom's "official" website, there are all sorts of funny Mom facts and information on what your action figure can do.

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Anonymous said...

This is hilarious! I totally want it for Mother's Day!

Cook Family said...

This is hilarious - though I think along with the baby there should another toddler and the mom should be ripping her hair out. That's a little more realistic right? Oh yeah - and maybe a strait jacket. :)

Kendra Meyers said...

Way funny!