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Kids love to create and we want to encourage it, but the organization of all this fun is a project in and of itself. It seems to be a universal frustration held by Moms that organizing the items needed for art and craft projects, the art and craft area, and finally organizing the final masterpieces is not an easy task.

Since I am in the middle of figuring this out for myself, I'll try to share all sorts of different things that I am finding over the next few weeks. Hopefully some of these ideas will be a starting point for you. Please feel free to comment or email with anything products or ideas that have worked for you, we would love to know about them and share them with everyone!

This post is all about Pottery Barn Kids and some of what they offer:

This lazy susan is a great way to organize the art tools if you don't have a little sibling around to pull things out!

These buckets might work better with a little one around because you could put them higher up on the wall. They are available with a chalkboard finish which could be fun.

This paper roll holder accommodates up to 5 feet of paper rolls, and is on sale at Pottery Barn Kid's website.

The jumbo paint brush and palette are on sale too. It makes me wish we had a large playroom I could put them up in.

I have been looking for art tables with paper rolls, but most have been meant for smaller kids on a smaller level. I like that this Carolina tall project table and craft hutch would grow with my children.

Another larger table with paper roll.

These Cameron art storage boxes are an attractive option for storing your child's favorite projects.

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Emma in California said...

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Holly - tutus & turtles said...

Your site is great, thanks for sharing! I loved the wall decals you carried and will get them up soon.