Isabell's Umbrella

Everybody loves real mail: not junk mail, not bills, but genuine sent by a real person mail. Especially if this mail is a special note from a special person in their lives. I want my kiddos to understand the fun behind sending and receiving letters (especially thank-you cards), but rarely feel motivated because stationary is too grown up or too baby-ish.

The stationary from the Etsy shop Isabell's Umbrella has me excited. I can't help but feel happy when I see it, and it is cute enough to be associated with a little one, but so tastefully done that it can be universally appreciated. The cards are appropriately titled "Send a smile note cards," and that is precisely how they make me feel. I would love to have my kids fill the inside with a drawing and their name or slip in some recent pictures. We could seal our envelope with a kiss and feel good knowing that we are brightening somebody's day.

I think I might be partial to the Octopus and the Frog that are pictured above, but the sparrow and the quail are so cute too. The darling hedgehog is a "miss you" card which would be perfect to send to my kiddo's grandparents or Aunts who live across the country. Hooray for assorted packs and double hooray for mini note cards(assorted and separarate) perfect for a quick note to leave on a pillow, in a lunch, or even a briefcase to make Daddy's (or Mommy's) day.

If a note card is just not enough of a smile fix, check out the felt wall art and clothing : pictured is George the Silly Sparrow, who would look perfectly lovely in a nursery.

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ashes said...

hurrah for Isabell's Umbrella! Thank you so much for featuring me!