How Fast They Grow...

A big hobby of mine is DIGITAL SCRAPBOOKING! However, I find myself searching and searching for more and more cute backgrounds, embelishments, wording, fonts, etc... it's pretty time consuming, not to mention cutting and pasting, etc, but when a friend pointed me to "HOW FAST THEY GROW" it was like all my needs were met! 7 minute scrapbook pages! Are you kidding? Is this for real? YES, YES, YES!!! Friends, let me tell you, This is not just great, but AMAZING!

The wonderful founder and mom, Cathy Bennett, has struck a much needed market. All can agree that time is a precious thing, but so is scrapbooking the many memorable family moments. With 7 minute scrapbook pages it's simple, cute, and you'll still have time for all your daily chores. If you are a long time scrapbooker, a scrapbook starter or even a scrapbook dropout you must try this!

*** How Fast They Grow is offering tutus and turtles readers 20% off your order with coupon code "tutusandturtles" through the end of February!***

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