Girlie Gowns

I just had a baby, and I absolutely hated wearing the hospital gowns. They were huge, and they gave me no privacy. I wouldn't get up out of bed unless there was no one else in the room, so that I didn't have to worry about anyone seeing anything--the oversized gowns didn't cover me, even when tied. Plus, nothing about those blue+white gowns that say "laundry" on them made me feel feminine. I wish I would have heard about Girlie Gowns before that experience!Girlie Gowns are designer hospital gowns made to make you feel a little more girlie and feminine when you have your baby. What's even better--the gowns do not open all the way down the back, so you can get up without worrying about the whole hospital seeing your backside!

Girlie Gowns is offering tutus & turtles readers 15% off of any purchase using coupon code "tat15". They make great baby shower gifts, or just a gift to yourself to make your experience a little more comfortable. Click here to see the different styles + gift baskets that Girlie Gowns offers.

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