Bath Time Toys...

Bath time is a much anticipated time in our home. My daughter loves the bath so much! She usually spends around 45 minutes just playing and splashing around. Therefore i am constantly looking for new bath toys to add to my collection {so she won't get bored of the same ole thing}. But there is ONE thing that she NEVER gets bored of... Munchkins Disco TUB LIGHTS! She can't get enough of them! These sea-shaped lights glow and blink as they float in the water…or use the suction cups to stick them on the tub wall.

{They come in packs of two at your local baby superstore or on amazon.com. [$6.99]}

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Holly - tutus & turtles said...

These are so cool - great find!

Stephanie said...

Thanks for sharing this toy with me. My son loves the bath and I found them at Target for $4.99. I can't wait until tonight, when he sees them under water.