Baby Signs

While some people have mixed feelings about teaching your child to sign before they talk, I highly recommend it. Teaching both of my kids a few simple signs really made it easier for us to communicate and enjoy each other before they started to talk. There are few things more fulfilling then watching your child glow with pride and a sense of accomplishment when they learn or discover something new, and watching their face when they realize that you understand the point they are trying to get across is priceless.

I really loved the book Baby Signs. It is full of all sorts of useful and informative information about communicating with your baby, and includes lots of signs to help you get started. I liked that this program mixes American Sign Language with "baby signs," encouraging you to find the combination that works best for you and your baby. For us, this made signing that much easier to remember and follow through with.

To learn more about this program check out Baby Sign's website. They offer quite a range of products and information. You can buy this book through the website or Amazon.com, or check a local bookstore or library.

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