Sew Cute - Personalized Baby Wear

With baby number two I realized the practicality of super-comfortable clothes, and still find myself dressing my kids that way on the days they don't pick out their own outfits! I still like their clothing to be fun and unique, and personalization is a great way to do this. Sew Cute's personalized baby wear is home-embroidered on soft, 100% baby rib cotton. The shirts' necklines are designed to be easily put on and taken off and the karate pants' wide leg-cut allows plenty of room for movement.

Any of the sets or individual items would make a touching and personal gift. With hats, bibs, pants, hooded towels, and long and short-sleeved shirts available, you have plenty to choose from! I also think that a personalized outfit is the sweetest and most memorable option for taking your new baby home from the hospital in.

Due to the personalized nature of Sew Cute's products, each item is specially embroidered for your baby or toddler. Sew Cute is offering free shipping on orders over $75 with coupon code "T&TFreeShip!"

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Maria R said...

I actually think it's a great idea to put your babies' name on their clothing. You don't exactly have to put it on every piece of their clothing, but to put it on their pj's would be the most adorable thing in the world. I wish I was a baby again so I could wear these cute clothes as Sew Cute offers.

Sophia said...

I agree Maria...my 10 month old daughters name is Jeanette and I can't find anything cute with her name on it - until now.

new mom said...

My best friend brought me a Sew Cute outfit while I was still in the hospital after giving birth...what a touching gift. My baby boy is going to be too big for it soon (he's 5 months) so I'm going to put it in his memory box...I thing it'll be something nice for him to look at in the future.