The Most Magical Treehouse Ever

This incredible wooden treehouse is the most perfectly magical item I think I have ever seen. Just thinking about the magical woodland creatures that might occupy this miniature home makes me feel like a child again. It has me so excited for long summer afternoons spent outside enjoying nature and letting our imagination and creativity run wild.

While this would make a whimsical addition to any toy room, if nothing else, use it to spark your and your child's imagination this summer as you play outside and allow yourself to daydream. You never know what you might build out of sticks and leaves! Just in case you are wondering what kind of furniture woodland creatures might use, check this page for inspiration.


After exploring Tree Hollow Toy's site, I have to say that I am quite impressed with what they sell and their mission:
We specialize in environmentally and socially responsible toys that are
sweatshop-free and healthier for our children, as well as our world.

There is even a discount code to use:
Save 10% off $25 or more, Enter Coupon Code: valentine08

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