Memory Quilt

Baby blankets and quilts are one of my many obsessions and I've always wanted to be a quilter. This quilt, made by you, is a perfect, simple way to start... The Memory Quit, with fabric from all those "awe" moments in your child's life.
'A baby's clothes acquire history so quickly: There is the blanket she came home from the hospital in, the overalls she wore while learning to crawl, the flannel pajamas she fell asleep in at night. For those items too precious to give away, or too stained to pass along, there is a solution more creative and less cluttering than a box in the attic -- a baby memory quilt that is sure to become an heirloom.'
A great new hobby starter for you and a cozy buddy for your babe!

{tutorial and picture as seen on marthastewart.com}

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Kendra Meyers said...

Wow, that's a great idea too! Now I'll have something to do with all those cute clothes I didn't want to get rid of.

Shane and Becca said...

love this quilt! I use the quilt instructions to make baby quilts for friends at baby showers. They are the perfect size for a blanket to throw on the floor when babies are just sitting up.