Diaper Cake Alternative...

Now i'm sure you all have heard of, seen, or made a diaper cake? Here is a great alternative. I love it because it's much easier to make and still just as adorable as the "original." Try it out!

Baby Shower Baby Cake* Directions:
(Items in bold are the things you need to make this)

{If you want to make a base out of something else skip steps 1 & 2}
1. Cut pink gift wrap to cover top of a 16"x1" Styrofoam disk; fasten with white glue.
2. Glue 1" pink grosgrain ribbon (get 1 1/2 yds.) around outer edge. Glue 1/4" green grosgrain ribbon (4 1/2 yds.) on pink ribbon.
3. Fold 4 receiving blankets in half, then thirds (lengthwise -- about 5" high. Roll one up snugly; secure with rubber bands.
4. One at a time roll remaining blankets around the first. Strech large rubber bands around two; pin the last with corsage pins at back.
5. Wrap 1 1/2" pink dotted ribbon (2 yds.) around center; pin in back.
6. Make 7 green ribbon bows 3 1/2" across. Pin 6 to pink band, evenly spaced.
7. Pin a large pink daisy (get 7) at center of each.
8. Fold in sides of 8 baby garments to measure 4 1/2'; roll and secure in center with rubber bands.
10. Insert sharp end of bamboo skewer into base at center of rolled blankets and press into Styrofoam disk.
11. Place rolled up clothing around skewer; secure with a large rubber band.
12. Pin pink ribbon around middle. Pin remaining bow and daisy at front.
13. Top your baby shower cake with a small stuffed toy, pin to secure.

*Feel free to personalize it or change it to your liking, like just tying a ribbon around it and tying a bow, etc...

{seen in Woman's World Magazine July 31, 2007 issue}

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