Winter is cold. Sometimes miserably cold. Especially if you live where it is humid (we do) and the cold seeps in and chills you to the bone. The chill can be fought with layers on us big people, but if you stick too many layers on your little ones, they turn into marshmallow balls and don't fit in their car seat and definitely can't move.

Snug-a-Bug's Warmsies were created to combat this problem. Available in two fabric thicknesses, they are made of 100% TempRite Polyester, which does the following:

TempRite is designed to keep your baby dry and comfortable. A top-of-the-line, high-tech fabric used by elite outdoor companies, TempRite's layers perform dual functions. An inside surface wicks moisture away from your baby's skin to the exterior fabric where it quickly evaporates. Moisture control regulates your baby's temperature as you move from warm to cold environments. Soft to the touch and exceptionally breathable, TempRite will keep your baby warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

TempRite is absorbent and quick drying, offers sun protection (UPF 15), is extremely comfortable against baby's sensitive skin, and is machine washable.

Go to Snug-a-Bug's website for more information, or to purchase a Warmsie. They come in many different styles and are so cute and stylish, you'll be using them for more than just layering and super-cold days! They would make really comfortable pajamas too.

Thanks for the tip Shannon!

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