Hush Little Baby . . .

I have always enjoyed the traditional version of "Hush Little Baby,", but recently stumbled upon a different interpretation of it. Sylvia Long's version replaces the buying part (Mama's going to buy you a . . .) with different activities and observations between a mother and child. Because I just love the song and the way it flows, it is fun to now have more words to read or sing. It also helps to get your creative juices flowing and realize that if this song is special to you too, you can make up your own appropriate version for your child.

For those that may be feeling the same wave of nostalgia that I feel when I hear this tune, the following are supposedly the words to a second verse that I never knew existed:

"Hush little baby mama's near,
To wipe your brow and calm your fears.
To kiss your cheek and hold your hand,
'Til you drift off to sleepyland.
To help you count those little white sheep,
And sing you songs 'til you're asleep.
To tell you tales of kings and queens,
And Jack and Jill and wonderful things.
So snuggle up and hug me tight,
And dream sweet dreams all through the night.
And every night when the sun goes down,
You'll still be the sweetest little baby in town."

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