Arbonne: NutriMinC RE9

We've highlighted Arbonne's Baby Essentials before, but this one's for all you pregnant mommies out there. Here's something for you to try to soothe that stretched out, dry, itchy tummy. I am 8 months pregnant, and living in the dry Utah winter isn't helping my skin hydration much. So, I have been using Arbonne's NutriMinC RE9 REactivating Body Serum followed by the REactivating Hydrating Body Lotion every day, and my skin feels so much better. In fact, the hint of stretch marks that I thought were beginning to appear don't seem to be there anymore (though this could just be my reluctance to accept the fact that I'm getting them!) Either way, my tummy doesn't itch nearly as badly, and the skin really feels much firmer and healthier.

For all of you non-pregnant ladies out there, I'd recommend the NutriMinC line to you too--even though I'm using it primarily for tummy relief, it's part of Arbonne's anti-aging line and will help improve your skin's hydration and elasticity.

To order Arbonne products, or if you have any questions about Arbonne, email Sarah at sarah.arbonne{at}hotmail{dot}com.

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okbushmans said...

I am so glad it is working so well for you too! I absolutely love these products, and could see a difference in my skin as well!