Some Birthday Party Eye Candy

I was excited to find three things I love tied together for one post: 1. Design Mom - Thanks for sharing! 2. Truly fabulous (and way out of my price and creativity range) birthday parties 3. Jessica Claire, who is one of my favorite photographers. You absolutely must check out the incredible images shot of these two incredible Alice in Wonderland Parties (view party 1, view party 2). Among other things, they are full of fantastic ideas for your little one's next celebration.
I would then suggest taking the time to thoroughly explore Jessica Claire's website and her blog. She is incredibly talented and skilled at capturing special moments with your child (and children's parties, and weddings, and . . .). She is located in Southern California and is available for travel. For more information and pricing, call 949.388.0719 or email jessica@jcsphoto.com.

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Anonymous said...

Her work is amazing.

That party is my dream party!