We are obsessed with Playmobil at our house. If you haven't yet been introduced to this miniature world, I highly recommend exploring! The attention Playmobil pays to detail is what makes it so fun for parents and is also why it is so great for role-playing and reenacting for kids. The variety of what they offer is incredible: They make everything from medieval knights and rescue trucks to modern homes and city shops. Everything is very high quality, and should last a long time. Plus everything works together so you could create an entire "mini-world" combining your daughter's grocery store and your son's construction trucks.

Most of Playmobil's products are meant for ages 4 and up, but they do have a 1-2-3 line for younger kids. I decided to feed my obsession before my kids reached the proper age, so I put some of the smaller parts in sandwich bags along with the instructions to save for later. Sure, a little kooky, but it works!

Playmobil's website usually has pretty good pricing, but you can also find stuff at ReallyGreatToys.com. Target and Toys R Us carry a few basic items, but for the really cool stuff check a local toy store.

Be sure to check out the Christmas options:
Find Playmobil's advent calender here.

Find Playmobil's Nativity Scene here.

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L&H&Q said...

We love Playmobil! It reminds me of my childhood. And I've done the same thing with the tiny parts -- if only I could remember where I put the ziploc bags!

Anonymous said...

I loved playmobil. I am so excited to start collecting it for my son!