Phil and Teds

Function and style come together with Phil and Ted's Sport four in one stroller. I love the thought of having my kids riding front to back rather than side by side, what a great way to minimize space! To find out more about this stroller and their other great products click here.

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Al, Ash & Family said...

Nice stroller, but who wants to pay $800? :)

Amy Morris said...

I actually have this stroller, but it didn't cost $800. We payed half that, but it was worth every penny, I will never have to buy a new stroller again. I love the fact that you can take off the back seat so if you only have one child with you, you just make a minor adjustment.

Scott and Cindy said...

I just got this stroller - it's fantastic!! It retails for $490 (or just $400 without the doubles kit) and I love the versatility: it goes from single to double so easily. No need for another stroller!!