Method Cleaning Products

It is kind of funny to think how we put so much time and effort into getting everything right for our babies. We buy special baby detergent, we purchase skin care products especially for sensitive skin, some of us make sure that everything is perfume-free and dye-free . . . and then we clean our bathtubs and sinks with harsh cleaners and don't think twice about what that might do to our child's (and our) sensitive skin. Every time I use my standard cleaning supplies I tell myself that I am going to do more research about cleaning naturally or at least buy my cleaning products from the health store clear across town, but needless to say, it usually stops there.

Fortunately I found method. Method products are naturally derived, non-hazardous, non-toxic, biodegradable and non-corrosive. They are also reasonably priced ($3 at target). The best part? Method products are available at convenient locations like Target (go here to find other locations in your state), so they are easy to grab while you are already out and about.

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