FOOEY Kids Clothes

I posted about FOOEY a few weeks ago, but their fall line just came out and I absolutely love it! And they have made their already affordable prices even more affordable!

Julia Finlayson and Kent Rayhill, co-owners of the wildly popular children's clothing line FOOEY, knew there had to be a way to continue designing boutique quality clothes without the high price tag. It took a year to assemble the production team necessary to pull off this daunting task but their hard work is paying off for parents who want the style of a hip independent clothing line without spending more on a T-shirt for their toddler than they do on themselves.

My favorites from the new collection are the Long sleeve Gnome shirt and the Superstar Corduroy Pants. As always, you can get free shipping on all orders over $60. And from today until Tuesday, November 20th, the generous folks over at Fooey are offering tutus and turtles readers 10% off of any items in the new Fall line. Just use the coupon code TURTLES at checkout.

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