Did you know that being dyslexic doesn't mean that you see words backwards?

My sister-in-law Kelly is a dyslexic therapist and certified academic language therapist in Utah--one of only three in the state. Kelly has taught in the public schools for a number of years. She went on to become a dyslexic therapist when she discovered children with normal or high IQ’s were failing in their reading and writing ability. She works with students from six to twenty-one years old. Kelly has provided tutus & turtles readers with some valuable information on dyslexia, and is a great resource for those who may have questions about dyslexia. Here is some of Kelly's advice for parents:

You may not be aware that your child has dyslexia until she is in first or second grade. This is when reading instruction really begins, and a child with dyslexia will lag behind in reading, writing, spelling, and/or in math, causing them to feel frustrated at school. After several months, you may realize that your child simply hasn’t caught on to reading like her peers. Most schools do not screen specifically for dyslexia and very often children are not identified until they have fallen behind their peers. There are programs out there designed specifically for children with dyslexia, and you can get help from them--but it’s up to you, don’t wait for your school to help you!

If you think your child may have dyslexia, check out the following resources to learn more:

National Dyslexic Association: www.interdys.org
Academic Language Therapy Association: www.ALTAread.org

If you live in Utah and would like to have your child screened for dyslexia and possibly receive therapy (there is only room for one small group left), email tutusandturtles3 {at} gmail {dot} com to be put in contact with Kelly. She also has a blog for parents and professionals to check out to learn more about dyslexia. She updates it regularly with facts, resources, and recommendations, so check it out.

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Anonymous said...

What a great resource, thanks for the info!

pat said...

Great addition to tutus and turtles! keep up the good work. I like that your sight is just not another re-hashing of commercial products!! Though that can be great too, just better to have the mix.