Developing a Relationship with your Child's Doctor

We are very excited to announce that we have a Resident Pediatrician who is willing to answer questions and share pertinent information with all of us at Tutus & Turtles! You can look forward to the occasional article, and please, feel welcome to email with any questions you may have. Just put 't&t MD' in the subject line and send it to tutusandturtles@gmail.com!

Dear Tutus & Turtles Readers

With recent news media regarding staph infections, toy recalls for lead concerns, and ongoing discussions about autism, you may be wondering where the best place is to turn for your child's health information. Some of you may feel at home searching for topics on the Internet, and others may gather information from friends. As a Pediatrician, I would like to encourage you to develop a deeper relationship with your child's health-care provider.

First, some of you may be concerned about selecting the "right" health-care provider for your child. Remember that physicians who are Board-Certified in Pediatrics have the most training and background to support current medical practice for children's health. However, there are excellent Family Practitioners who have adequate training in this area as well. In addition, with retail-based clinics opening left and right, I would encourage you to find a "medical home" for your child instead - a place where a provider will follow his/her care from infancy until transitioning to adult medical care. Although retail-based clinics may provide some element of convenience, they will not provide the continuity and superior care your child needs and deserves.

Come to the visit with questions or concerns. Recognizing the time constraints placed on physicians in this day of health management, you can better partner with your child's provider by preparing a few select questions in advance. Sure, a visit to the health-care office might be for something as simple as a well-child visit or possible ear infection, but maximizing each visit to answer questions will ensure a brighter and healthier future for your child. For example, if the upcoming visit is for routine well-child care, prepare your child about the day's visit, and focus on one or two questions that are related to vaccinations or development - two important aspects of well-child care.

Whether you're a first time parent or an experienced one, Tutus & Turtles is a place where you can explore your child's physical and mental health. I welcome any questions from readers, but encourage you to bring these questions to your child's health-care provider.

Resident MD in NYC

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