Baby's First Meals

When it comes to our children's health I think all parents will agree that only the very best will do. Annabel Karmel's book, "First Meals," is a great way start your baby out on the path to being a healthy eater. This book has step by step instructions for making your baby's first pureed foods and many delicious recipes for picky toddlers. You'll find several colorfully displayed pictures of the recipes and every tool you will need to make them. You will also find very helpful information about the vitamins and minerals your babies and toddlers need. Click here to find out more about this book and where to purchase it. And don't forget to check out other great books by Annabel Karmel.

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Anonymous said...

We have this book and I love it! It really is a great resource.

Kendra Meyers said...

I've got the pickiest eater in the world. She eats macaroni and cheese for lunch every day. I'm going to check this out.