The Bumbo Baby Seat is a fantastic way for babies to sit up and enjoy the view from an early age. As soon as they can support their head on their own, they can use this lightweight, versatile seat to observe and participate in activities that are going on around them. This is perfect for a second (or third . . .) child when your hands are fuller, but you still want to involve your new baby. Because the Bumbo is so lightweight, it makes a great portable feeding chair or seat for hanging out at the park or at an older sibling's game. This baby seat would have been extremely helpful with my first child, who had Gastroesophageal Reflux disease (GERD), and did best when he was kept upright. Purchase from Bumbo's website, or find one at a local Target store.

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Anonymous said...

We love our Bumbo! I couldn't survive without it!