I am pretty intrigued by the Bilibo toy. What is it? Well, that is precisely the point. It can be whatever your child wants it to be. I am always drawn to toys like this, and I feel that if it has attracted my attention, it should definitely attract my kid's. How can you not be curious about a brightly colored "tortoise shell?" Check out their website for more information and lots of images of everything you can do with your Bilibo. To find a retailer, go here.

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L&H&Q said...

We got one of these for our daughter when she was about 18 months old, and she didn't "get" it. Now that she's nearly 3, it's a much better toy. I'd recommend not getting so excited by it yourself that you try to get a too-young child interested in it. Age 3 seems to be the age when the skill to "make it whatever you want" kicks in, at least in our house.

Tutus and Turtles said...

Thanks for sharing. I agree with you, my 3-yr old would like it much more than my 20 month old!

ashley said...

That looks like a pretty cool toy. I'm all for helping kids get creative. I agree that waiting til they're a bit older is better though.