Rice Krispie Cakes

Nothing is easier than Rice Krispie Treats, and what a fun way to dress them up for a rainy day or a party. Click here for the recipe and here for detailed instructions on the daisy pot (Try fruity pebbles for color), or share some of your own ideas!

Pictures from Martha Stewart.com

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Al, Ash & Family said...

Cool idea. I wonder if they're hard to make??

Melissa said...

These are really cute! I LOVE rice krispie treats I think that I am going to try this. I'll let you know hoe it goes.

Morris Family said...

Your new blog is so cute holly! You guys have done such a great job! I love everything on it! Can't wait to see more!

Tutus and Turtles said...

Thanks for enjoying!

I would think the hardest part would be molding everything before the Krispies cooled. I can't wait to hear how it works for you, Melissa.

Claire said...

Ymmmm, rice krispies!