Too cute to be a backpack

I've never liked kid's backpacks till I found these hand-knit backpacks from blabla. Wallybug.com has this darling lion in stock.

I thought that the photographs made the backpack look too cute, but my son's back pack is even cuter in real life! It is the perfect size for a few snacks and a drink or a few toys.

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L&H&Q said...

My daughter has the ladybug backpack and loves it. She gets lots of comments and smiles each time she wears it. The pocket is fairly large and, because it's knitted, can stretch to hold more than expected. I send it with her on playdates to hold her snack and diaper. The straps are sort of long and slip off, but that won't be a problem as she grows.

Thanks for doing this blog; I have the same problem of magazine tear sheets and literally *hundreds* of bookmarked websites!

Tutus and Turtles said...

Thanks for the review and for enjoying the blog. We hope to help solve your problem!

Al, Ash & Family said...

That ladybug one is so cute! I want one of these.

Clawson Family said...

These are adorable, where do you find such cute sites!

Tutus and Turtles said...

A lot of looking, but that is why we are trying to do it for you!